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We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

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An Elevator Speech To Create A Better World

by | Jul 10, 2024 | General

Image by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash.

The Saners movement is built on a complex body of theory, history and empirical evidence—about what usually works for activism and what fails.

Fortunately, people do not need to understand all of this to recognize the value of The Saners, to be motivated to join, or to participate.

Here are the basics, what a person must know. Our elevator speech.

The Saners is an emerging activist group that intends to prevent climate collapse and build a humane and sustainable civilization.

We plan to use nonviolent noncooperation, in a strategic series of campaigns, to change the world significantly for the better.

Our approach is based on ideas that historically have often proved successful for movements—even those facing seemingly impossible goals.

We are working to build a broad-based movement of activists—from those who simply share or display our messages, to people who actively organize and take part in our campaigns. We have no purity test. To be a Saner, you need to only reject violence and support our goals of preventing climate collapse and building a kinder society.

To get started:

  1. Sign up for our email list.
  2. See our website at WeAreSaners.org to learn more about us.
  3. Visit the Actions page of the site, and take whatever actions you choose—but do something!
  4. Get more involved when and if you feel ready.



Concentrate on the bolded words. Practice a few times. You’ll get it!



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