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We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Extinction Capitulation versus The Saners

by | Oct 31, 2023 | General

A crazed suicidal terrorist group is actively threatening everyone’s children, along with themselves. And they are in charge!

They’re a bit hard to detect sometimes. They wear suits and speak cogently, with air of authority. They seem perfectly normal until you think about what they are actually saying.

These people are destroying the planet, and making ridiculous excuses for doing so. Somehow doing it with a straight face. We are talking about planet-wide gaslighting. This mass murder-suicide is widely seen as completely ordinary.

It is, in fact, completely insane. Stark raving mad.

They wouldn’t be so dangerous, this group that we will call Extinction Capitulation, if they weren’t so dominant and so well-financed. They have a lot of resources. They own giant corporations, especially in the industries of energy and finance. They control major institutions including media and many so-called “think tanks.” And a lot of well-meaning ordinary people have been taken in by the EC movement. Even some rather intelligent people.

Because the Capitulators are everywhere. Insanity today is the norm and it’s difficult to think outside the norm.

Can You Believe People Take THIS Seriously?

We’ve all heard the excuses and explanations. You’ve heard them and didn’t even blink. You didn’t realize that you were being fed pernicious nonsense. You thought that you were seeing reasonable disagreement.

The people who are doing everything possible to cook the planet want to keep cooking. And they want YOU to take responsibility, to feel guilty and to personally produce less heat.

Yes, they are pouring barrels of gasoline on a raging inferno, and pointing angrily at you for smoking a cigarette — your last one. And then, YOU feel guilty.

This would be absurd if it wasn’t true. Actually, it’s true and STILL absurd.
Shifting to Sanity

The simple fact is: the extensive and ongoing use of fossil fuels is destroying the climate, dooming most of the species that inhabit this planet, and will guarantee a short, difficult and desperate life for everyone’s children. IF and only IF we go along with the Extinction Capitulators. IF we help them, support them, obey their commands, serve their wishes.

IF we leave them in positions of authority, allow them to continue as decision-makers. IF we choose to remain powerless and delegate everything to politicians and corporations …well, then we have chosen death and despair and doom.

But I’m not a doomer. I’m a fighter. And, deep down, all of the parents on the planet who love their children are fighters, too. Even most non-parents who love their nephews and nieces and non-relatives are also fighters, also opponents of extinction.

So, the gaslighting must end and the spotlighting must begin.

Taking the Microphone and the Spotlight

The old show is over. We, the sane and caring people of Earth, are taking over.

Yes, fools own and control corporations, social media platforms and governments. They make decisions while nominally giving us a vote. They own media outlets and tell us every day what to think and do. And, even though most of us are reasonably intelligent, the nonsense seeps in.

We come to believe that fossil fuels are essential. And we believe when announcements are made to phase out fossil fuels, to replace them with clean energy, that the market can solve this problem. But those promises are lies. The market only follows one rule: maximize profits.

Destroying the world is profitable. The fossil fuel companies, especially their big shareholders and executives, get most of the money. But there’s enough to buy politicians and policies everywhere, to buy media and control the conversation, to make our insane rush to self-destruction seem sensible, even necessary.

But we will stop listening and start speaking. Starting now. WE will drive whatever “the big story” is today back into the shadows and focus relentlessly on the giant shadow of death by climate.

The truth that our leaders are liars and that they are killing us all will remain relentlessly in the spotlight we will shine. And we will keep shining it until the threat is gone.

We will dis-empower anyone who’s a leading actor in the threat against Life On Earth. That will be oil companies, virtually every government on Earth, media liars and fools, Wall Street “masters of the Universe, and the whole assorted Keystone Cops cast of characters.

When they talk, when they spout ridiculous things, we won’t listen reverently. We will laugh. We will ridicule. We will point out that they’ve decided to kill their own children — for more money when they already have more than they can ever spend.

We won’t take them seriously, because they aren’t serious people. They are no more credible than a stranger who comes up to you on the street, and tells you he’s Napoleon and he’s just escaped from Elba.

They Can’t Do Any Damage Without Us

These failed leaders, these planet destroyers, these insane people are in positions of authority. But they have no power whatsoever the moment we decide to take it back. The power is in the hands of the sane and caring people. It always has been in our power to take control. It’s like the story of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy always had the power to go home.

She didn’t need a buffoon pretending to be a Wizard and we don’t need those ridiculous “leaders” who pretend to have wisdom and judgement — when all they possess is greed, selfishness and no grip on reality.

They ignored the warnings of scientists for decades. To our shame, we allowed them to bring us to this perilous situation. Our planet is at Code Red.

This is as far as we are going along with the Extinction Capitulators. It’s our turn. We will save everyone that we can — including our adversaries and their children.

We’ve Begun. Will YOU Join?

There is a movement that’s opposed to the insanity. It is a movement of the sane and caring people worldwide. We have one demand:

We demand an immediate worldwide program, led by climate scientists, to end fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

We are dead serious — albeit cheerful! — about what we are doing and planning. We will use tactics inspired by Gandhi and King to defeat the insanity and not only prevent the end of the world. We will build a better world, one NOT ruled by greed, by violence, by hatred, by selfishness, and by hostility towards Nature Herself.

We will build the exact opposite world: a world of love and cooperation and generosity and caring. This sound crazy but in fact the world we currently live in is the the crazy world. It’s unrealistic and unsustainable. It has, for quite some time, overwhelmed actual human nature — which includes an instinct for friendship, for empathy, for cooperation, and especially for love of our children and Life Itself.

The future world, the one we will build together, will be characterized by the better angels of our nature.


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