We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

How Just SIX People Can Start the Climate Rescue Revolution

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

We need you. Especially if you live in a BIG city!

The Saners is a new group of climate activists with a different approach from others. We are mostly newbie activists, people who rarely felt the need to take part in protests — people who are busy living our lives. Now we feel an urgency to act. We are not in opposition to other groups that want serious and immediate action on the climate crisis.

But we bring something different to the table.

If you like our approach, you may want to join us. In particular, we hope to be EFFECTIVE at getting the action that’s needed. Of course, the other groups also seek to be effective. But even the biggest ones, like Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” have not had that kind of success — yet.

We believe we have a good chance not because we are smarter than the others (we absolutely are not!), but because we intend to learn from the most successful movement leaders in history — particularly Gandhi and King. Earlier activists have cleared a path, a path that has successfully enabled small groups of people to inspire others, and to eventually overwhelm powerful authorities to achieve their aims.

Gandhi forced the British to exit India. King forced the American South to integrate. They both harnessed enormous power without violence, without hatred, without anger, and — in some ways — without even seeing their opponents as enemies.

We address the climate crisis and our opponents in the same spirit. We focus on putting a spotlight on what’s wrong and dangerous, on what must change. We aim to dis-empower those who are doing the most severe damage, not to punish them. And we also put a spotlight on what could and should be.
Small and Growing…And Aching to Get Started

Our group must focus substantially on finding our natural supporters. We are not trying to persuade people. We are looking to find and empower those who understand the severity of the climate crisis and that the solution is up to us.

People who:

  • realize that this IS a severe crisis that requires immediate serious action
  • understand that there is NO PLAN and NOBODY is doing the job
  • that leaders in every country — in business and politics — have no intention of doing anything except exploiting oil and coal and gas to the bitter end
  • people everywhere are frozen with fear, anxiety and despair because they feel helpless to do anything as
  • Nature and the future of our children are being destroyed

So, yes, we need to find these people and sign them up and make them a part of our new activist community. We can succeed but will ultimately need large numbers to do so.

But we cannot wait to take at least some action. We are anxious to act, and taking action — even with our current small numbers — demonstrates to those on the sidelines that getting involved means action in the real world. We need everyone to know we are serious, that we are doing things, that we will do more and that we will never stop until our planet is safe for our children, for the species that share the planet with us, for everyone.

But WHAT action? Starting now…with just a few hundred Saners?

Small Numbers, But Very Visible

Here’s an idea I’ve been contemplating. It’s something that could get people talking, and get people to notice the Saners and to sign up — possibly in very large numbers.

It also might get attention in the media — might, but maybe not. Because the media likes to ignore climate protests or, if it pays attention, to focus on criticism of the protesters and ignore the real issue — the climate collapse that threatens every person on Earth.

Here’s the idea:

In three major cities — perhaps New York, Tokyo and London — we would have two Saners in each. Once a week they would post many flyers in the biggest subway stations. Provocative attention-getting flyers. Ones that get people’s attention and gets them talking.

Perhaps a flyer like THIS:

A Saners poster to change the world.

This would go on week after week. And it would spread to the subways of other cities. I would do it here in Philadelphia. These posters and others like them would become ubiquitous. They would be unavoidable. Millions would see them repeatedly…and would talk about them.

You can use this link to download the poster right now.

The Saners would become bigger, would become talked about, and would begin to re-shape the conversation. We would tell our story — a story that will resonate with a billion or more people who THOUGHT THEY WERE ALONE AND HELPLESS.

This is how we begin to save our planet. This alone won’t do it. But it would be a BIG first step. Are you in a big city? Have you signed up for The Saners?

Whether or not you are in a big city, you can sign up HERE: WeAreSaners.org/join. We will welcome you even if you are in a rural area! We want everyone who cares!