We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

It’s Crunch Time — Nature and Your Children Need YOU To Take Action NOW

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

A new and unstoppable Gandhian climate movement — powered by the sane and caring people of Earth who love Nature and their children — is preparing to take its first public action. This is the movement that will save the world. Join in early!

YOU are needed. The new climate movement is about to begin. We will be supplementing — no, super-charging! — the heroic but so far ineffective efforts by the various existing climate activist groups.

This new movement is different in a few ways:

  1. This movement uses the proven effective strategies of Gandhi, King and others to achieve our aims.
  2. This is a broad movement, aimed at mobilizing people who are NOT natural activists — ordinary sane and caring people who love their children and Nature (YOU?!).
  3. This movement has a clear and specific objective that we can all get behind: We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to end fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.
  4. We are not depending on persuading authorities. We recognize that leaders everywhere have failed catastrophically in their obligations; that they’ve sided with fossil fuel companies and Wall Street and sheiks against our children and Nature Herself. Government and business leaders along with media and others in powerful positions have failed catastrophically. We will not ask them for anything; we will make our demand and overwhelm the failed leaders.

Too Important To Sit This One Out

We all know — and least those of us who are sane and caring — that authorities everywhere are cooking the Earth and dooming our children. And for too long, we have been going along with them.

Neither the ballot box, nor protests have been effective and so people have largely given up. They are inactive and despairing.

It’s time to end the inaction — which is a gift to the planet-destroyers — and make our stand. We will have a series of actions, steadily escalating until we can no longer be resisted. This is how we will win. This is how Gandhi won and how King won and how others using this approach (satyagraha) have won.

Each action will require more people, so each action will need to help grow our movement. We will make some mistakes, but through persistence we will keep going until we are victorious. Our win will be a win for everyone on Earth, including our adversaries who actually will benefit from a habitable Earth and a future for their own children.

The First Action and You

We are planning the first action of this movement. This is the Saners Movement. We call ourselves “Saners” because it is literally insane to destroy the planet you live on — or to cooperate with others who are destroying our planet.

Our website is WeAreSaners.org and you can sign up for our email list at WeAreSaners.org/join. You can sign up NOW! (I’ll wait…)

You DID just sign up, right? 😉

So, here’s what our first action will look like and what YOU can do to help. It’s easy. And you’ll be able to brag, later on, that YOU were a part of it from the beginning!

Thirty-five years ago, NASA climate scientist James Hansen publicly warned Congress that we were altering the planet’s climate — in a deadly way — with our massive burning of fossil fuels. The C02 build up and the chemistry of burning those fuels was (and IS) heating the Earth.

Leaders everywhere were warned and chose to ignore the warning. They continue to ignore the warning; fossil fuel production and use are at record levels. Hansen’s warning is coming true. Authorities talk about fighting climate change while doing the exact opposite.

We will stop them.

Our first public action will be delivering our demand. We will send individuals or small groups of individuals to government offices, corporate offices, media companies, and other seats of power and authority (perhaps including the United Nations), to hand deliver our demand.

Our emissaries will be polite and well-dressed. We will make videos and photos of these deliveries. We will read our demand aloud at each delivery point. And these videos and pictures will be posted on social media, on blogs, everywhere. They will also be posted as flyers on walls and telephone polls and the front windows of people’s homes.

Of course, media will either ignore us or dismiss us or ridicule us. We don’t care. We are not reacting to others — we are taking the initiative, and will keep going, escalating our efforts every step of the way. The authorities will probably be over-confident. They don’t (yet) realize that there are more than a billion people who will soon awaken to the fact that they are NOT powerless and NOT doomed. These latent activists will realize that there is an effective movement they can (and will) join, an unstoppable movement — one that, with their help, will protect their children, protect future generations, protect Nature.

The authorities do not realize that our victory isn’t a defeat for them; it’s a victory for LIFE ITSELF. In the long run, even they will celebrate with us.

But to get there, we need help. We have a decent starting number of Saners on our email list now. But more is better and we need YOU to sign up now, if you haven’t already.

You may be able to hand deliver our message on whatever day that action is scheduled. Or you may simply help spread the message and help recruit new Saners. (We don’t waste much time trying to change people’s minds; we focus on signing up people who already care and understand the climate crisis; that’s easier and will achieve speedier growth.)

You can download a flyer now from HERE. Print one or more copies and post publicly wherever you can. And perhaps let us know in the comments section after you’ve done so!

You can visit the website and post links to the URL on social media. Again, the site is at WeAreSaners.org and the link to join is WeAreSaners.org/join.

After you sign up for the email list, you will get a welcome email. And soon, you will get an email about the upcoming action and how you can participate.

Let’s get started. A better than expected future awaits!