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We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

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Summer of ’24: Strike While the Planet Is Hot

by | Jun 19, 2024 | General

Hell on Earth is here. Let’s speak up and not let foolish authorities ignore the crisis they’ve created and that they continue to make worse. DO THIS RIGHT NOW!

Today, I am calling for and announcing an ACTION by The Saners, one that takes advantage of the record-breaking hellish summer that is upon us. This action is not ONLY for The Saners, but for every person who loves their children and respects Nature and wants a better future for our species—not climate collapse and mass death.

I feel certain that, if we can pull this off—and execution of this tactic is ridiculously easy—we can begin changing, and saving the world starting now. This is no exaggeration.

On this planet of 8 billion people, there are at least ONE billion who are worried, fearful or angry at the catastrophic failure of leaders everywhere to prevent climate collapse. These people are, for the most part, inactive and invisible. They feel helpless and hopeless.

Most of all, they feel alone. Leaders and media and pundits do not share the alarm, the horror, that scientists have warned us about. We are now seeing the terrible consequences everywhere. We were told to not even use the term “Global Warming”—and we foolishly obeyed.

The days of obedience are ending. The days of reckoning are here.


There will be a series of signs. They will be available as PDFs on the website WeAreSaners.org. You will print them out.

Download the first sign and print it and tape it to the front door of your home right now. It is the first step in a planet-wide climate revolt. This is a nonviolent movement of strategic non-cooperation. We will be using similar techniques to those that have succeeded for movements for generations.

Our first step is speaking out and being heard. Here’s EXACTLY what you will be doing:

  1. Print and post the sign to your front door. [download using THIS LINK]
  2. Take a picture of the sign with your smart phone.
  3. Post the picture to all of your social media accounts, using the hashtag #wearesaners
  4. Continue monitoring the website WeAreSaners.org for new signs and instructions in the coming weeks.

What will this campaign accomplish?

It will send a message in both the physical and virtual worlds that THERE IS A MOVEMENT and that ANYONE WHO CARES CAN JOIN. Furthermore, it will let people know that there are people all around the world who care and who are ready to act—and who intend to succeed.

This is the start of a recruiting effort to awaken a gigantic but latent planet-wide movement. We are reaching out to the people who care but have given up in despair or because they are too busy or because they believe they are alone.

Posting this sign on your front door (or front of your home, or somewhere public and visible) is simple to do but may be one of the most important things you do in your life. Over the coming weeks, and throughout the summer (and into the fall when the campaign continues but changes), we will be building our movement.

Then the “soft” disobedience begins. Then we go beyond talking and announcing. Each person will do what’s comfortable, what can be done with little personal risk. But there will be sickouts, work slowdowns, signs at offices of oil companies. There will be small, defiantly cheerful events with music and dancing, spreading our ideas and messages.

We will take on this campaign with serious aims and playful methods. We will be creating a planet-wide CULTURE of CLIMATE—moving our loyalties away from failed authorities and placing them where they belong. We will, going forward, support the well-being of our planet and our children.

The authorities can watch helplessly. Or, better yet (for them and us), join in the effort.

Because WE will be declaring a planet-wide climate emergency. Because WE will be asking caring and competent climate scientists (and other capable experts) to put together a planet-wide emergency program.

WE will listen to the scientists and fully support their efforts to stabilize the climate and prevent collapse.


But it starts with a sign. You can do your part, and it’s an important step. Maybe only a few dozen will put up the signs right away. This should build over the coming weeks. The signs themselves are designed to be viral.

Let’s start. This minute. My sign is up. It’s on my door and going onto my X and LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

I’ve shown you mine. Let’s see yours! 😉


  1. Peter Carter

    Great project. IPCC AR6 called for Immediate emissions action Global decline 2025 ‘at the latest’
    The scientists are silent on this. Coal top source 35% of power.

    Peter Carter Climate Emergency Institute


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