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We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Unless We Learn (QUICKLY) to Care About Life and Nature — and NOT Just Money, Our Species Will Die…and Will DESERVE to Die

by | Dec 12, 2023 | General

Can I be more stark and direct than this? Is even THIS stark and direct and clear enough?

Right now in Dubai, at COP 28, a bunch of lying politicians are making dishonest pronouncements about committing money towards doing something about the now very, very visible climate collapse. Even after people have seen toxic orange smoke blanketing their cities from gigantic wildfires, after the Earth is now the hottest it’s been in 125,000 years — well, our putative leaders are STILL posturing.

It should be an embarrassment that news media are still reporting these stories as if they had actual substance. And it’s just plain weird that we are still reading them and trying to generate a feeling of hope.

We Call Bullshit

Take a moment. Count from one to twenty-eight. Take your time. Pronounce each number clearly. Do this out loud. I’ll wait.

There. Took awhile, didn’t it? Twenty eight times is a lot of times. The United Nations meetings — there have been quite a large number of them. And think about it: not a single one of them, despite all the pledges, targets and treaties, have accomplished anything whatsoever. After all that, our planet is speeding towards doom faster than ever.

Let’s say it out loud now. Most of us understand fully what’s going on. We don’t say it out loud because we tend to discuss what’s published in the newspaper and what’s broadcast on the news.

But we know. Leaders everywhere — in EVERY country — have failed catastrophically to do anything meaningful about climate change. In some cases this is incompetence, but in most cases this is intentional. Because leaders in government and business everywhere — the people up top, the authorities, the decision and policymakers — they WANT this. They benefit from this. They live under systems that require this. And they all defend those systems.

They are not smart. Oh, they are educated and often intelligent. But they are morons because they have a deadly tunnel vision. They can’t see the obvious: that their “success” and “victory” is the most abysmal failure in the history of our species.

Our leaders are effectively working to destroy the lives of their own children and grandchildren. They are ruining their own legacies, and then ensuring that nobody will ultimately live to think about or care that they ever lived.

There has never been a failure a huge as that currently being committed by the governments of the United States and China and Russia and the EU countries and England and Australia and Japan and more than 100 other nations. Nobody has failed as badly as ExxonMobil and Citibank and Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company and hundreds of other climate destroyers are failing right now.

What they are saying and what they are doing is insane. Now they are announcing the commitment of billions of dollars, allegedly towards fixing the climate — but, as usual, it’s really about profits for rich people and their companies. And they are promising (as they always do) to do better — this time promising to triple the production of clean energy by 2030. Truly absurd and clueless.

These “leaders” don’t give a f-ck. Their words are bullshit. And, not so deep down, we all know it.

Time To Wake Up

Okay. The leaders and authorities are failures and losers and they are insane. But do WE need to follow their lead? Do WE really want to continue cooperating with them, obeying their orders, fulfilling their desires? Are WE really going to HELP THEM destroy our own children?

Because that’s what we are doing now. We feel this is pragmatic. We need to earn a living and can’t afford to endanger that by voicing objections. If we lose our jobs, our children go hungry. And we suffer all the repercussions of losing our incomes.

I get it.

But that thinking won’t work going forward. Every day, it becomes more obvious that the politicians and businessmen are clueless, out of their depth. It’s obvious that the disasters a getting more frequent and more severe. It’s obvious that the authorities cannot keep things going. That they are frauds. That they soon won’t even be able to pretend they have things under control.

I suspect that within a year or two, we’ll start seeing first world leaders slink off in the night into self-exile, like a bunch of tinpot dictators.

But every day that the climate crisis is not seriously and urgently addressed with REAL and MEANINGFUL ACTION, our children’s future is getting irreversibly worse. We can’t, in good conscience, delay any more. And yet, we aren’t in control of events. Not yet, anyway.

What should we do? What can we do right now?

Prepare To Take Control

We can speak up and speak out — that leaders everywhere have failed and that we will NOT follow leaders over the climate cliff. They are insane — WE are not.

We can tell everyone at every opportunity that we have a single non-negotiable demand:

We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to end fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

We are beginning to unite under the banner of The Saners, a group of newbie climate activists, ordinary people who love our children and our planet, and who will NEVER cooperate with climate abusers. We will recruit more and more like-minded people.

And we will use Gandhian tactics to defy and dis-empower the failed leaders of the world who will, henceforth, have no significant body of followers behind them.

This IS A Genuine Budding Movement. And YOU Can Join.

This group exists. It’s new and only has a few hundred members. But the message and the appeal is universal. On a planet with 8 billion people, we feel certain that at a bare minimum there are ONE billion people who love the planet and their children and will refuse to cooperate with the destruction of either.

You can be one of them. YOU can speak out. YOU can recruit like-minded people that you know and that you meet.

The website is at WeAreSaners.org. And people can sign up for the email list and become Saners at WeAreSaners.org/join.

Let’s start 2024 on a genuinely hopeful note: with positive action, and bonding with a group of caring friends that, until now, you’ve never met.


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