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We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

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Watch the Octogenarians Debate, and Throw Another Grandchild On the Fire?!

by | Jun 26, 2024 | General

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The right response to current events is that we won’t listen to old fools, and we won’t allow either of them to cook the Earth.

We won’t save the Earth from its fast-approaching destruction by holding a big rally or march. We must defeat Trump and the GOP, who seek to complete their final solution and doom everyone with “drill, drill, drill.” But by itself, this will be too little, too late.

Today, right now, it’s already dangerously late. Oh, and yes, vote for all Democrats as a stopgap. But that won’t be enough.

The oil and coal and natural gas that we burn are like Nazi ovens consuming our grandchildren. The old guys are ordering the burning for their sponsors. We are operating the ovens for them.

They are telling us to kill our grandchildren, along with theirs. They are insane. We have been obeying them, doing their dirty work. We must come to our senses and stop.

We are mining their coal, fracking and refining their oil. We do everything for them. They do nothing. Without our active cooperation and support, the fools who are ordering the destruction—they’d be powerless.

We could stop the abuse of the biosphere and the climate. We could begin repairs. We could care for ourselves and our loved ones, and ensure a better future for everyone.
Doom and suffering is a choice. Joy and caring is a better option.

We, The Saners, choose joy and caring.

An Invitation

The Saners is a movement but it’s also a way of thinking and being. We have specific goals, but at the core it’s about being better versions of ourselves. It’s about values, and embodying those values.

We aim to reform ourselves and rebuild our civilization. We will reject greed, and power lust, and bigotry, and violence and hate.

We will not be at war against “the other” because there is no “other.” We will never attack people, never threaten our purported enemies. We will reject evil ideas and refuse to take evil actions.

We will march to a different drummer. We will dance to the beat of love, and generosity, and caring, and creativity and LIFE. We will embody and embrace a celebration of the incredible gift of consciousness and existence.

Does this sound like it’s for you? Sign up for the email list and BE one of us: WeAreSaners.org/join.

What We Are Doing Now. And Later.

We have begun our summer campaign, called “Strike While the Planet Is HOT!” You want to participate—I assure you.

Download and print our materials. Read them. Share them. THIS is the way forward. THIS is how we deflect doom, cheat death and embrace life.

This summer, we are spreading our messages, both in the virtual and physical worlds. We are recruiting new members. How many people want immediate and serious climate action? How about 6.4 billion? That’s the estimate based on a recent UN survey. The survey found that 80% of the people are very unhappy with the lack of progress and lack of effort to prevent climate collapse.

This summer, and probably for every summer going forward, we are experiencing record heat - almost everywhere.

The Saners aim to use strategic nonviolent noncooperation to build a huge unstoppable movement for good. Our approach is one proven by history to be effective. We will overwhelm the fools who won’t regret their actions until it’s too late. WE will control events, stabilize the climate, and replace this cruel, destructive and failing civilization with a better culture. We will create a humane and sustainable society.

Once we have the numbers, our noncooperation will bring destructive activities to a halt. We will move in a new direction - one guided by better values. We will dispense with greed and hate and violence and selfishness. Do you think this isn’t possible, that human nature is bad?

Human nature is not bad. It LOOKS that way because we tend to go along with the world as we find it. And we were born into a stupid and evil civilization. You KNOW that those evil values aren’t yours. We can and must turn this around.

It’s about time. Let us begin.


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