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What To Expect From the NEW Saners

by | Jun 3, 2024 | General

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It feels like a long road to get here, but I believe The Saners movement is now on the right road. I hope you like our new direction. I am pretty confident that you will.

We are changing both the tone and the substance of what we do. Our tone is now upbeat and fun—even quirky. We are tweaking the status quo while spreading a playful kindness in our behavior. All of this is an adaptation of classic movement strategy revised for our current time and situation

We need a broad tent movement, and must get beyond us vs. them. After all, we all live on the same planet and share a common fate. We see ourselves as working to help everyone—even those who are too foolish to understand the extreme urgency and importance of preventing climate collapse.

Until now, the primary vehicle for developing and spreading Saners ideas was the long-form writer’s platform Medium. But, although we have 2,000 followers on that platform, the algorithm has changed and very, very few of those followers now read or even see our stories. For that reason, the Saners is now focusing on platforms we control—notably the Saners’ website, especially the blog.

We announced a program called First and Free. The best new Saners material will be published on the blog FIRST, and unlike some platforms like Medium and Substack, access using the blog is always free. When you sign up, you get notification (and links) when new blog posts go live. Notifications can be immediate for each new post, or a monthly summary. You choose.

The podcast is changing, and will contain useful material but, again, with a lightheartedness replacing the somber feeling of earlier podcast episodes. Blog posts will be a bit less frequent—but more worth reading. And podcast episodes will be short and sweet. The first of these new-style podcast episodes will be published at 6pm NYC Time on Monday, June 3rd.

We also have a YouTube channel for the Saners, and we’ll be adding videos. Again, brevity and usefulness and humor will be paramount.

What’s happening here—overall? I’m checking the boxes of what’s needed (historically) to make a movement succeed. Of course, success is never guaranteed but our new course makes it much more likely.

First of the new Saner’s YouTube videos.


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