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What’s Core Sanerism?

by | Jun 27, 2024 | General

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What are the tenets of our movement, and what are just the inclinations of Ray Katz?

We want - no, need! - for The Saners (our climate/society rescue movement) to be a broad one. We need a very large number of people.

That’s one reason we need to avoid any demanding purity test. We also need for people to understand what they (and we) are trying to achieve. The history of movements is that, to succeed, they usually must become very, very big.

The finer details of my views are consistent with and supportive of the Saners wider aims. But they are only my views. They are unessential, not tenets of Sanerism.

Let’s take a look at some views, and identify how to classify them.

Core Tenets of Sanerism

  1. Recognition that we have a climate emergency, that it is NOT getting better, and that none of the efforts yet enacted by authorities and decision-makers worldwide will prevent climate collapse.
  2. We need a plan that slashes CO2 emissions sharply and quickly, and this must be included in a worldwide emergency plan developed by honest competent experts. This plan must be designed by scientists (and others) to prevent climate collapse.
  3. Saners must put their full support behind the worldwide emergency plan. This may not be the only way - many credible plans that vary in certain aspects are probably possible. (ALL must sharply and quickly slash fossil fuels.) But we must unit behind ONE plan - or we will fail to execute any plan.
  4. Our movement must be nonviolent and use strategic noncooperation. These are techniques that history has shown to be effective for movements. We are also morally opposed to violence. For reference, statistically nonviolent movements have been TWICE as effective as violent ones in achieving their objectives.
  5. The movements objectives are twofold: Prevent climate collapse and build a society on humane values —one that respects life and Nature. Actual Saners must support both objectives.

I think that’s it. I may wake up in the middle of the night and realize I left something out or worded one of them badly. But I believe that - more or less - those 5 points are the essential tenets of Sanerism. They could be summarized nicely as “be nice and save the world.”

Some Views of Ray Katz

Now, I have additional views and opinions that people can disagree with and still be Saners. Some of them I feel unsure of and others I find compelling. Since Saners should be a thinking group, I think it’s useful for us to share and discuss various ideas. But we should not let these additional opinions divide us.

I feel very strongly about the 5 tenets of Sanerism. But as for my other opinions - they are my thoughts, and I certainly can be wrong. Some - without being actual tenets - may become de facto parts of Sanerism in the real world. Others may be rejected outright.

As long as we prevent climate collapse and build a better civilization, it’s all good.

  1. Slashing production of non-essentials is an important part of slashing CO2 emissions sharply and quickly. I believe that this will be a part of any scientist-developed worldwide emergency plan. Fossil fuels produced by (huge and escalating levels of) production are a leading factor that underlies the crisis. However, if the emergency plan doesn’t do that, but slashes fossil fuels and CO2 emissions some other way, I’m fine with it. But I can’t imagine how it can be done sharply and quickly without a major reduction in production. I also believe that a sharp reduction in production is a core component of building a better, more humane and sustainable society.
  2. This movement should be guided by set principles—not by leaders or people’s councils or whatever. We can and should have leaders - but stop following them and replace them if their leadership takes us away from core Saners principles. We have learned from Occupy and other movements that leaderless movements have trouble focusing on a common objective. I also think that regional and local leaders can adapt tactics to work best with local conditions. Movements with leaders are subject to being “decapitated” through arrest or other actions by authorities. But in our principle-focused movement, any leader can be quickly replaced without harming the movement. I believe this is a good approach, but if the movement achieves its aims some other way, I’m fine with it.
  3. Replacing most unnecessary work with free time is central to creating a humane civilization. I believe that compelled labor - whether in service to a despot, a Party, or a bunch of plutocrats - has been a cruel, and foolish part of civilization. And yes, it is compelled because our society is structured such that most people cannot get what they need to survive without working many, many hours, weeks and years. Often until death. Sanerism does not mandate the specifics of a more humane and sustainable civilization, but I can’t get excited about any society which leaves most people in the position of servitude to an elite.
  4. We have no enemies and must not be cruel even towards those who are leading figures in promoting fossil fuels and other climate-destroying actions. I think that, although it’s hard to not feel anger towards such people, we must respect them as people. When we are guided by values like “love your neighbor” and, yes, “love your enemies” - it makes it difficult to mount a major popular discrediting of our movement. I am not religious and do not believe in God. But I think these are values that every decent human being can at least try to get behind. This is not a tenet of Sanerism, but I think it’s a very useful part of our strategy. Our objective is to fix the world and society, not identify and punish the “bad guys.”

There Can Be Saners and Also Saners Supporters

People who don’t support all of the core tenets of Saners cannot be Saners. This is especially true of those who favor violence - no violent actions will be tolerated within this movement.

But, people who substantially agree with the tenets and want to help will exist and can be beneficial towards achieving our aims. You should be able to tell, at this point, if you are a Saner, a Saner sympathizer and/or supporter, or a non-Saner.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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