We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Download, Print and Distribute Booklets and Flyers for our summer campaign!

Finally, A Joyful and Effective Climate Movement!

Can we really prevent climate collapse? We sure as hell can!

We are The Saners—a different kind of climate movement. We are upbeat, we have a plan, and we are confident in our (ultimate) success because we are leveraging the most powerful tactics from successful movements of the past.

This is for YOU.

You are busy, possibly stressed out and you can’t take on another obligation. Good news! The Saners is for you! We are not work—we are fun! And you don’t need to set aside your precious time; we fit nicely into your daily routine. Even our podcast—which you can listen to while stepping out for coffee—is called 5 Minutes to Save the Earth.

The changes we need starts with growing the movement and setting an example of a positive cultural change. Lose the furrowed brow! Smile! Get ready to meet up to a billion friends that you didn’t know you had.

Because at least a billion people—out of eight billion worldwide—love their children, respect life, and want a sustainable Earth and a better future for everyone. Who doesn’t? Grumps and mean people. We will be going around them, and holding our own festival of life.

What Will You DO?

You’ll do whatever you love to do. There’s plenty of opportunities. Fun things, interactive things, social things, creative things.

You can join a live online Saners meeting or have a one-to-one chat with the movement’s founder. You can put up signs, “accidentally” leave behind booklets at your favorite coffee shops or night spots, draw logos. You can tell stories, make and share short videos. You can sign up for our Meetup…forming soon!

Have a Green Dot conversation! Hear great stories about past movements, of imaginative people doing seemingly impossible things. Or you can invent your own game or activity. Maybe start your own local Saners group.

What should you do now? Well, first of all, sign up for our Email list.

Saners Signup With OPTIONAL Survey Form


The ONLY required fields to sign up are your name and email address. You may also  OPTIONALLY take a short survey to help us understand your interests, capabilities and how you might fit into the movement.

The optional survey is only 5 questions, and you can answer as many or as few as you like. It's very helpful but NOT required.


Am I an activist, a volunteer or supporter? Or simply "other"?

An activist is someone who wants to attend meetings on strategy, tactics, organization, planning and operations. Activists may also take part in public actions and other activities.

A volunteer is prepared to help in a variety of ways from distributing flyers to recruiting members to taking part in public actions. But a volunteer is not interested in attending meetings.

A supporter is someone who wants to take part in one or more public actions.

If you aren't ready to actively participate now, you are "other" and we will think of you as future activist. 😉


Saners are all over the world. We need to know where our members are located so we can decide where we can take actions, and also where we have multiple members who may be able ot work together.


As a Saner, I have certain skills or interests, areas in which I would be capable of and like to help. (select ALL that apply)

The Saners Movement is a movement of strategic nonviolent noncooperation. We will have series of campaigns. We understand that people are busy and tired and distracted.

That’s one reason that it’s designed for people like you—people with lives, not professional full-time activists. For YOU.

We have things you can do routinely, in the course of your day. Easy things. Quick things. But every action is designed to further the cause, to expand our visibility and membership, and extend our messages. And, ultimately, to achieve our aims of a stabilized climate and a humane civilization.

Current Campaign

Our current (summer 2024) campaign is called “Strike While the Planet Is HOT!” For this campaign, we urge you to print and post a (single page) flyer to the front of your house—especially if you are in an urban area where it would be visible. (Alternately, you can post it at some visible place nearby, perhaps a telephone pole or the bulletin board at a public library or coffee shop.

Take a picture of the flyer and share it on social media using the hashtags #StrikeWhileThePlanetIsHot and #WeAreSaners. Include the URL WeAreSaners.org.

It would also be helpful to print and share Saners booklets. These actions spread the core ideas of our group, help recruit new members and begins to change the conversation about climate. Possibly the most compelling content are the videos on YouTube channel. Please share them on social media—or show them to people in person!

Admittedly, these are small steps, but we will build on them until victory.

The Saners is a broad movement designed to appeal to any and every sane and caring person on the planet. We do not ever threaten or harm people or intentionally damage property. We do not block traffic or disrupt people eating dinner. We don’t throw soup at paintings.

We seek to deliver our messages in a dizzying variety of ways. We want our ideas to become ubiquitous, and grow in popularity. We seek to embody and model the values and behavior we want to characterize our (new, improved) civilization.

Core principles and ideas

  1. Our objectives are to prevent climate collapse and establish a humane and sustainable society worldwide.
  2. We are committed to an approach of nonviolent noncooperation, using an escalating series of campaigns to apply moral force to achieve our aims. Ultimately, people will refuse to refine oil, extract coal from mines or operate natural gas pipelines.
  3. People everywhere, in huge numbers, are deeply concerned with climate collapse and we see this as a gigantic latent movement—one that we intend to awake and guide.
  4. The approach we are adopting is one determined by social scientists and historians to have the greatest potential for success.
  5. We call ourselves The Saners because we believe that to knowingly destroy the climate and biosphere of the planet that sustains you—and everyone you love—is literally insane. This implicitly puts our opponents on the defensive.

To be a Saner, you must be committed to nonviolence, and you should substantially agree with (or at least accept) all five points. If this describes you, and you haven’t yet signed up for our email list, we urge you to do so now. And maybe even begin taking some modest actions today.

For our summer campaign, “Strike While the Planet Is HOT,” put a sign on your home or other visible location to share the Saner’s messages. (click image for more info.)
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