We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Who Are the Saners? Climate Change Activists.

We are the sane caring people of Earth. We refuse to remain quiet about the climate crisis and climate change while ultra-wealthy fossil fuel profiteers, aided by politicians and media and others, boil the planet that our children will inherit.

We don’t care about existing institutions, or systems, or leaders. We oppose all rules, regulations and laws that threaten the health of the Earth and the well-being of its inhabitants.

We are clear about our objectives and unwavering in our dedication. We are unafraid of ridicule or attacks or reprisals. We have no enemies. We fervently oppose the actions of those who are destroying the habitability of our common home, but we respect everyone’s humanity.

We will be heard. We will end business as usual. We will be an unrelenting and unavoidable nuisance to the people and systems that are speeding us to the brink of extinction. We will act, motivated by our deep concern and love for all living creatures and for Nature Herself.

We invite everyone who cares to join us. Everyone. This includes our adversaries. We all depend on the same Earth to sustain us. We all have a common interest in ending climate abuse, in repairing the planet, in caring for each other.

We reject the values, the systems, and the leadership that brought us to this sorry state. Our future depends on better values—sharing instead of greed, cooperation instead of competition, people as inherently valuable instead of merely human resources, the Earth as our beloved home instead of raw materials and a toilet. And, of course, love instead of hate.

We will be effective. We will be using the proven approach of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. We are following in the footsteps of giants who knew how to fight and win moral battles of David versus Goliath. Do not underestimate us.

In your heart, YOU are already a Saner. We hope you are ready to join us.

Our objectives are to (1) establish and support a worldwide emergency program, led by scientists, to prevent climate collapse, and (2) replace our cruel greed-based society with one centered on valuing Life and Nature and each other.
We will seize the initiative using tactical non-cooperation against ecologically-deadly activities—crippling them with boycotts, work slowdowns, “mistakes”, wildcat strikes—and throwing our full support behind a comprehensive climate emergency plan. We will NEVER use violence, and will treat even our opponents with genuine kindness.
We will welcome you to our group! There is no pressure. You can do as little or as much as you like. We have committees to join, activities to take part in. You can post a flyer or attend a public event. Recruit your friends! Take part in our live video chats! Decide what’s right for you.
Saners Signup With OPTIONAL Survey Form


The ONLY required fields to sign up are your name and email address. You may also share your name, and, OPTIONALLY take a short survey to help us understand your interests, capabilities and how you might fit into the movement.

The optional survey is only 5 questions, and you can answer as many or as few as you like. It's very helpful but NOT required.


Am I an activist, a volunteer or supporter? Or simply "other"?

An activist is someone who wants to attend meetings on strategy, tactics, organization, planning and operations. Activists may also take part in public actions and other activities.

A volunteer is prepared to help in a variety of ways from distributing flyers to recruiting members to taking part in public actions. But a volunteer is not interested in attending meetings.

A supporter is someone who wants to take part in one or more public actions.

If you aren't ready to actively participate now, you are "other" and we will think of you as future activist. 😉


Saners are all over the world. We need to know where our members are located so we can decide where we can take actions, and also where we have multiple members who may be able ot work together.


As a Saner, I have certain skills or interests, areas in which I would be capable of and like to help. (select ALL that apply)

Be A Climate Saner

Sign up for our email list and join the ranks of the sane and caring and active. Spread our message. Find the others to join us. And be ready, when the time comes, to change our world for the better.

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Our Identity & Demand

We need to become visible, nearly ubiquitious. Both our identity—as Saners—and our demand for immediate emergency action neeeds to be everywhere. As a Saner, you can help make this happen.

Identify as a Saner. Talk like a Saner. Commit the Saner demand to memory and tell people about it. Wear your identity as a Saner and display our Saner demand on a T-Shirt or button. Hand out cards with the Saner URL and demand.

Yes, this takes some guts to stand out and make a statement. But if not now, when? This about the future of our Earth, the future of our species, the future of our children.

This is important. How do you start?