We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Virtual Meeting

Thanks to those who attended this event. The next live group chat will be scheduled soon. Watch this space!

It will be Saturday, July 6th at 11am New York City time. The signup form can be adjusted for YOUR time zone. (see the pull down on the registration labeled “Timezone.”)

  1. Go to July on the calendar. Select the day of the event. (In some locations, it won’t be July 6th! Whatever date is shown as BLUE and AVAILABLE is correct.)
  2. Just follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Leading up to the event, you will get email notifications. These will include a link to click at the time of the event to attend.

If you are NOT yet on the Saners email list, please sign up for that now!