We Are Saners


We demand an immediate worldwide emergency program, led by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuels, end climate abuse and repair our planet.

Make Noise about the climate crisis


It’s time to talk the talk. Don’t turn away from the topic of climate collapse. Speak out directly. Point out that it is literally insane to destroy the climate of the planet you live on. Tell people that you are a Saner and you won’t support what’s going on.. Fossil fuels must be ended—soon! There’s a movement to force the needed changes, and you are a member and anyone can join at WeAreSaners.org.

Wear and Display

Wear buttons and T-shirts displaying the Saner’s URL and our demand…or other related slogans. Make your own or buy them, whatever works best for you. Get buttons and signs, too. Stickers! We need to show and promote and share the message far and wide.


We need to communicate and form small local groups. We need to meet in person or virtually, We need to build a community of Saners. Ultimately, this will be a large worldwide community. We are working on a Matrix channel (like Slack, but non-commercial) to allow us to chat. We have an email list that you can join. And you can comment on Medium posts. Whatever works for you to join up with others and keep this going and expanding.


Whenever you meet someone who seems interested, invite them to join! Tell them to visit WeAreSaners.org and sign up for the email list. Give them a card with the URL and Saner’s demand—like THIS one. (You can even hand write some of these—adding a personal touch!) Find the others!

Sign up

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the email list! Do it NOW!


Download free Saners flyer to post in your front window, on walls, telephone polls—wherever you can deliver the message!